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The complete history of the Universe -- from the Big Bang to 200 my into the future

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This is part of a SWOT analysis of the current world situation.

The rich do not share things readily with the poor. Charity and kindness are not strong traits, unlike excessive consumption and waste among the rich. Love and toleration of other ethnic, racial or religious groups is poor and fighting and development of war technology is common. Democracy is far less common among the systems of government of nations than dictatorships, which have a strong tendency to become totalitarian. International cooperation is rare, with few rich nations contributing their full share either in aid to poor nations or to the UN.

Industry shows little regard for environmental concerns until forced to by law or consumer pressure. Industry in developing countries shows signs of repeating this neglect. Farming uses sprays too often. Too much development is for short term gain and is not sustainable. Long term planning is rare. Consumerism and idolization of the motor car dominate industrial economies

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History of the Universe eBook. 398 pages, 300 illustrations only $2.99

eBook only $2.99
398 pages, 300 images

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