David Christian

David Christian is a professor at Macquarie University, Australia where he teaches big history courses and is beginning the process of setting up a Big History Institute. He coined the term “Big History” which is

the attempt to understand, in a unified, interdisciplinary way, the history of the Cosmos, Earth, Life, and Humanity,

which is exactly the same aim as this history of the universe website.

Below we show David on TED, where presents the history of the universe in 18 minutes.


David Christian of Macquaire University, Australia, has won the support of Bill Gates and Microsoft to support development of ChronoZoom, whose goal is:

to make time relationships between different studies of history clear and vivid. In the process, it provides a framework for exploring related electronic resources. It thus serves as a “master timeline” tying together all kinds of specialized timelines and electronic resources, and aspires to bridge the gap between the humanities and the sciences and to bring together and unify all knowledge of the past.

For more information about ChronoZoom visit chronozoomproject.org

For a blog about Microsoft’s plans for the project click here

And here’s a video about ChronoZoom

How long is World History?

What do you think of when you hear the words “World History”?

John Green believes it is 15,000 years long. He has produced a series of YouTube videos giving what he thinks are the main facts in the story.

Not sure if he is aware of the preceding 4,600 million.

(Admittedly he does call it a “crash course” but this crash seems to have telescoped the story down to almost nothing.