History of the Universe

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Failure of Science

There was a moment, very early in history, when all the energy of the Universe was crammed into a tiny space, perhaps no bigger than at atom is today! Under these conditions our present laws of science fail us. They are unable to explain what happens when the density of energy is so high.

The problem is that our current laws of science are incomplete. The reason is easy to understand, but it requires that we consider the way science works.

Scientific Method

The way science works is that:

    people observe things in the world around them

    they invent theories to explain their observations

    they make predictions about what might happen under new circumstances

    they do experiments to test their predictions

If their predictions are wrong they need to invent a new theory.

If all their predictions are correct they have more confidence that their theory is correct.

But we cannot follow this scientific method in the case of the creation of the Universe. We cannot reproduce such high energy density in the laboratory, and it might not be a very good idea even if we could! So we cannot perform experiments to check our theories.

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History of the Universe eBook
History of the Universe eBook
Only £5.99

Written by Wyken Seagrave
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