History of the Universe

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This is part of a SWOT analysis of the current world situation.

Most of the threats in my list are global. I therefore look for global opportunities for change. The following are opportunities for increasing global economic and political cooperation and for managing the world more sensibly:

    the development of the internet is opening up new opportunities for the spread of information and for trade

    the development of computer technology extends human brainpower

    the collapse of communism in most countries has seen the decline in world tensions

    the spread of democracy and capitalism presents opportunities for increased trade and wealth creation

    the growing military, economic and political importance of multinational bodies such as the European Community will probably lead to less chance of war and better governance

    the recognition of the extent of global problems and the realization that individual nations are powerless to solve them alone has already led to greater international cooperation, and this trend will continue

    the growing power of green movements and public awareness of the need for conservation has already helped to reduce problems of pollution, and this will continue

    increasing international effort to control disease, which has already eradicated smallpox

    the growing importance of world markets to many businesses will lead to a more global view by a greater number of people

    the huge cost of major scientific research such as the development of controlled nuclear fusion and space exploration will lead to greater international cooperation

    the growing importance of the UN in coordinating action in many fields at a global level will increase stability in international relations

    of the 193 countries in the world today, 117 have broadly democratic governments, between them governing 54% of the world's population. This is encouraging.

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History of the Universe eBook
History of the Universe eBook
Only £5.99

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