One Day Universe – The History of the Universe in a Day

One Day Universe on 21 September 2013 will be a 13.7-hour celebration of science from the Big Bang to the Anthropocene, one hour for each billion years of history. It will involve over 20 speakers presenting Big History to an anticipated audience of 700 at a cost of each of almost $1000. It will take place in the Liberty Science Center, Jersey City.

The day will be organized in 5 sessions:

Beginning with the Big Bang, this segment will address the development of the early Universe, the Standard Model, unanswered cosmological questions, and how we have come to understand our own place in this enormously fascinating Universe.

Physicists, chemists and biologists will discuss the evolution of matter from the first subatomic particles to the emergence of life. These experts will explain the proceses from which complex chemicals emerged and how those chemicals gave rise to life.

Geologists will discuss the intricate processes and systems that are constantly reshaping the Earth and its biosphere. These presenters will reflect on how the Earth was formed and how its geological processes have contributed to the evolution of life.

Human History
This segment will address human evolution and its relationship with the studies of anthropology, philosophy, psychology, economics, sociology, religion and more. Central themes include collective learning, agriculture, social networks, and more.

A newly-coined term, the Anthropocene refers to a geological period characterized by a human-dominated environment. This segment will address the challenges of the 21st century in light of this emerging reality of pervasive human influence.

Little Big Histories will be interspersed throughout the day, interdisciplinary, multi-dimensional segments will explore common themes like: water, energy, food, fashion, economics, alcohol, architecture and more!

A number of ancillary projects are also planned in cooperation with corporate sponsors.

The cost of the event is $995 (early registration discount of $200 before 15 March 2013). The fee includes all meals, refreshments, receptions, local transportation, and more for the 14-hour program. A number of faculty and student stipends will be available. All attendees must fill out a brief application before paying registration fees.

Alternatively you can watch internet livestream for $10. Viewers can also participate via an interactive portal.

The strategy is to replicate One Day Universe as an annual celebration of Big History, the discovery of which is perhaps the most significant accomplishment of human civilization. One Day Universe is produced by Metanexus in partnership with Liberty Science Center.

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